We made turtleboy.

Fatawesome means nothing.

We are all from Billerica, Massachusetts, but only some of us are proud of it. The core group formed our sophomore year of high school. We first bonded over Arnold Schwarzenegger prank phone calls. After tearing through every phonebook and exhausting every soundboard, we matured.

A new venture began, known as Technic Techno. We merged popular Arnold sound clips and drugged-out trance music. The result was a CD exploding full of awesome. We posted flyers around the school warning ‘Arnold is Coming.’ Arnold’s Techno Anthology was a local hit, followed up by Bladderal Damage. At some school event, everyone was packed into the cafeteria where there was free food and a DJ. One of our songs played over the speakers, leaving everyone confused. It marked the highest point of Technic Techno’s career.

Senior year of high school was comprised of an insane amount of adventures and our first two videos. The first one was a rendition of Odysseus’s killing spree, complete with Nerf guns and good music. The second was a birthday tribute, featuring clips of Yanni and Willow set to Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful. Filtering out the people without a sense of humor, we began to carve out a specific niche for ourselves.

Then came college and the purchase of a digital camcorder. We made piles of stupid videos to entertain each other. Masks, dance hits from the 90’s, and the music of Andrew WK became recurring themes. After four years of movie-making, we discovered the online video community. We set a goal- to create a viral video before we graduated from college.

We made turtleboy and uploaded it online… then we waited. With only a month til graduation, turtleboy got featured as a national pick on Collegehumor, followed by the homepage of Ebaum’s World. With only two weeks left before graduation, turtleboy was selected as the week’s best clip on MTVu. His popularity has continued to grow, reaching channels like VH1, MTV, G4, and the BBC. We created a beautiful monster.

After turtleboy, Fatawesome has disappeared- leading lives ruled by drugs and alcohol after their five-minutes-of-fame. Actually, we have continued to make videos, but have turned to bigger ventures… like writing. We have some top-secret projects in the works, including a sitcom pilot.

Turtleboy was not the end.


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